Land Conservation and Management

Land Conservation, habitat protection, and heritage preservation are being accomplished primarily through the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan (SDCP) administered by Pima County. From initial discussions in 1998 through current discussions organized by IGT regarding the future growth of Pima County, the SDCP has worked to ensure that “growth is directed to areas with the least natural, historic, and cultural resource values.” It has done this in part through a multidimensional plan that has included strategic acquisition and management of sensitive lands. By 2010, the SDCP report indicated that land conservation goals had been met for Multiple Use Management Areas, but there were several areas in which additional land conservation would be required (Biological Core, Special Species Management, and Important Riparian Areas).

In the County’s 2011 report, Protecting our Land, Water and Heritage, special attention is paid to the economic benefits of conservation. These benefits are substantial and diverse, including a 25% reduction in flood insurance premiums due to the County’s purchase of floodprone lands. As a result of these and other aspects of the County’s floodplain management program, Pima County’s rating placed us in the top 5% of the nation’s communities in the National Flood Insurance Program.

This is the latest “report card” for the County’s Land Conservation& Management efforts.



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