Common Regional Vision

Last September, we released the Vision for a Greater Tucson Region. This Vision describes a region where we want to live, and where our children and our children’s children will want to stay. Having worked together to identify what we want for the future of our region, we are now set to work toward realizing our goals. This Vision provides a framework for making decisions based on our shared values and goals. It will be a resource as jurisdictions in this region seek to accurately reflect residents’ wishes and incorporate a regional perspective into their plans.

An important part of that Vision is our commitment to infill and mixed use development that preserves our existing neighborhoods. In addition to increasing our infill as a proportion of new construction, we have also increased the density of some of these areas by means of multi-unit developments. An examination of the number of construction permits for new residential housing in five units or more reported by the US Census Bureau indicates a steady increase in the proportion of permits granted between 2006 and 2012.

Our proportions increased from 2% in 2006 to 22% in 2012. When we compare ourselves to the 100 largest metropolitan areas, our rank in this performance area went from 2nd from the bottom in 2006 to 38th from the bottom in 2012.



Tucson Regional Indicators Project (TRIP)