Business-Friendly Environment

Part of the challenge in assessing whether we have a business-friendly environment is determining the relationship between established policies and desirable outcomes. Increases in the rate of private business investment in the region would be a positive outcome, despite how difficult it would be to attribute such an increase to any particular policy.

In our recent community survey, we asked where people would prefer to see the placement of new offices and businesses. The responses were quite evenly divided between those who favored the redevelopment of existing areas (47%) and those who favored placement in Tucson and other regional centers (46%). We also explored the relationships between their preferences for future growth, and their preferences for the placement of new businesses. This analysis of correlations between preferences helps to identify the basis for the differences we observed.

We note that those concerned about reducing travel time, or about cost efficient infrastructure were either indifferent or inconsistent with regard to where they thought new business development should occur. Very few preferences for growth were correlated with a preference for placing new business in the outskirts of towns.



Tucson Regional Indicators Project (TRIP)