University of Arizona APA Leadership

APA Arizona Chapter, Southern Section, Student Representative - Brian Sabri

APA Arizona Chapter, Board of Directors, UA Student Director - Ben Anderson

APA Student Representatives Council (SRC) Student Representative - Domenic Martinelli​

APA Arizona Chapter, UA Faculty Representative - Ladd Keith;

APA Arizona Chapter, UA Faculty Representative - Lauri Macmillan Johnson;


Past Student Director:  2015 Adam Call  

Get started in APA's Early Career Program

APA student members are full participants in our worldwide community of planners and others committed to making great places to live, work, and play. Students benefit from networking that connects them to the world of frontline planning, top professional publications, student-focused programs that complement academic studies, expert career guidance, and much more.

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Connect to peers and pros

APA membership fosters connections among planning's emerging professionals: students, recent graduates, and others just starting their planning careers.

APA-registered Planning Student Organizations strengthen students' connection to their local chapter and foster relationships among planning students on campus.

Chapter-based Young Planners Groups sponsor social, outreach, and educational events where emerging professionals network with each other and with more experienced planners.

Many employers list open internship positions in APA's Jobs Online. Interested student members look there and use APA's members-only resume posting service so employers can find them.

Opportunities for leadership

APA's Student Representatives Council promotes student participation in APA and represents students' interests within the organization. Each APA-registered PSO elects or appoints a representative to the SRC who keeps classmates and faculty up to date on APA activities and programs.

One PSO representative from one of APA's six electoral regions is elected to serve on the SRC Executive Committee. Running for one of these regional positions is a sure way to make professional connections and learn key leadership skills.

Scholarships and awards

APA awards two scholarships to student members each year: the Charles Abrams Scholarship and the Judith McManus Price Scholarship. The application deadline for both is April 30.

How to join the Early Career Program

For students in many planning programs the first year in the Early Career Program is absolutely free! Enrollment for those students is managed by the school's APA program administrator.

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