The Landscape Architecture Foundation has named Master of Landscape Architecture student Katia Gedrath-Smith a University Olmsted Scholar. The Olmsted Scholars Program recognizes outstanding students from each accredited landscape architecture program in the United States and Canada. To read about all of the Scholars, click here.

Katia Gedrath-Smith will receiver her Master’s of Landscape Architecture in May from the University of Arizona.  Katia’s background is rooted in international experiences, including her undergraduate years in International Studies at the University of Denver.  She has studied ecotourism in the rural villages of northern Thailand and lived with Bedouin families to understand the effects of settlement and water scarcity in Jordan, leading to a realization of the power of place in shaping and being shaped by people and culture. Katia found her place in landscape architecture in the Sonoran Desert context, becoming well versed in the issues of ecological design and extreme environments.  As the head of the University’s outreach organization, and member of the Green Fund, Katia has served her community and strives to continue to use landscape architecture as a tool for fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of our immediate environmental, cultural, and historic context.

Monday, April 21, 2014 - 5:15pm