The Archon Prize, an annual academic and design achievement scholarship award, embedded in CAPLA's professional architecture curriculum and awarded each spring to the best projects produced in the Arch Studio 302, was announced last night after day-long presentations and reviews. At approximately 9pm, a jury comprised by SoA Assistant Professor Chris Trumble, local architects Lauren Clark and Matt Luck, University of New Mexico Professor Karen King, and ASU Presidents Professor Max Underwood announced this year's winners from a field of 12 finalists:


First Prize ($6,000): Christina Kukurba 

Second Prize ($3,000): Eduardo Lopez

Third Prize ($1,000): Jessica McQuillen

Merit Awards: Alex Mayer, Katie Roch, and Patrick Ceguera

Honorable Mentions: Brad McFarlane, Indira OrderiqueWIll Ruoff, Kylle Roehm, Amanda Schwarz, Yanet Vega, and Kevin Reid

The Prize honors the legacy of Professor Emeritus A. Richard Williams, FAIA by focusing the attention and imagination of the College in support of the three Archon Values: Genus Loci, Design Excellence, and Cross-Disciplinary Integration.

Congratulations to all the winners, finalists, and participants. Your hard work, dedication, and talent do great honor to our school.


Monday, May 5, 2014 - 9:15am