The Archon Prize, an annual academic and design achievement scholarship award, embedded in CAPLA's professional architecture curriculum and awarded each spring to the best projects produced in the Arch Studio 302, was announced  after day-long presentations and reviews. A final jury comprising Urs Peter Flueckiger, Texas Tech University + UPE Design, Lubbock, Texas; Lori Ryker, Studio Ryker, Bozeman Montana; and, former Assistant Lecturer Paul Weiner (Architecture), Design Build Collaborative
  • First Prize ($6,000): Morgan Oster
  • Second Prize ($3,000): Jeffrey Moser
  • Third Prize ($1,000): Cade Shaw
  • Finalists: Ignacio Comparini La Roche, Brady Stanton, Ana Pearson, Raul Castro, Shannon McQuaid, Mikayla Krager, Truc Nguyen, Kate Stuteville, and Aaron Beringson.
The Prize honors the legacy of Professor Emeritus A. Richard Williams, FAIA by focusing the attention and imagination of the College in support of the three Archon Values: Genus Loci, Design Excellence, and Cross-Disciplinary Integration.
And a special thank you to this year's Arc 302 instructors: Paul Reimer, Luis Ibarra, Brad Lang, and 2016 Arch Professor Cade Hayes.
Friday, July 8, 2016 - 3:45pm