Assistant Professor Aletheia Ida is having a very busy fall semester so far:


  • She made two presentations at the Advanced Building Skins Conference in Bern, Switzerland on October 2nd: “Dynamic Regenerative Integrated Polymeric Skins (DRIPS)” and “Machine-learning for Gel-based Evaporative-cooling Membrane Systems (GEMS).” She also chaired the panel for the Responsive and Adaptive Building Skins session.
  • She presented at Tucson’s TENWEST Festival on October 17th at the Tucson Convention Center for the Sonoran Cloud City: Cloud Infrastructure track. My one-hour presentation to the community was titled “Building-Integrated Cooling Strategies with Circular Economy Material Systems for Datacenters.”
  • She is Co-PI on the Cloud Infrastructure Renewal Center (CIRC) industry collaboration with Microsoft Global Datacenter Design and Engineering, publicly announced on October 17th.  Lead PI is Bob Norwood, Professor, Optical Sciences, and the other Co-PIs are Dan Kilper, Research Professor, Optical Sciences and Kerri Hickenbottom, Assistant Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering. Microsoft is funding $500,000 to the team for the first year of formal collaboration. The team is working towards an NSF Engineering Research Center (ERC) proposal as part of the effort. Read the press releases here and here.
  • She will give a talk at Yale School of Architecture’s Center for Ecosystems and Architecture in New Haven, CT on November 5th on “Cellulosic Composite Membrane Systems for Environmental Remediation and Regional Adaptation.” She will co-conduct and supervise membrane lab work at Yale for two days between School of Architecture, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering.
  • Her book chapter titled “Energetic Forms of Matter” was released on October 22nd in the book publication Reusable and Sustainable Building Materials in Modern Architecture by IGI Global Press, Eds. Gulsa Koch and Bryan Christiansen. More information about the book can be found here.
Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - 9:45am