As co-convenor of the Performance+Design Working Group of Performance Studies international, SoA Associate Professor Beth Weinstein (Architecture Performance, Advanced Design Studio, Building Technology) is co-curating with Dorita Hannah, Omar Khan and Laura Garofalo, a workshop in Hobart, Tasmania,  Intervening in the Anthropocene*, June 29 - July 3. The participants in the workshop are being selected through peer-review and will include approximately 30 international designers working in performance.  
The outcomes of the workshop will be presented at the PSi#22 conference, Performance Climates, July 6-9, at the University of Melbourne, Australia, in the context of a panel that Beth will co-chair with Dorita Hannah. In addition to sharing work generated whilst "Intervening in the Anthropocene,"  the P+Dwg session will also be a platform for developing future working group research projects
Wednesday, March 30, 2016 - 9:45am