SoA Adjunct Lecturer and restoration architect for San Xavier mission Bob Vint was featured in an AZ Star article "Mission possible: Restore San Xavier” about the next phase of the mission’s restoration. You can also hear Bob’s insights on the restoration in the short video Views from the Top of San Xavier Mission and see the Mission in super 3-d glory here.

Views from the top of the San Xavier Mission




In other Vint news, Bob gave an all-day "Tour de Tucson” on April 25th for participants in the Arizona History Convention, an annual event of the AZ Historical Society that was held in Tucson this year. "We started at the top of Swan Road in the Catalina foothills and worked our way downhill through various interesting places and neighborhoods--an urban transect of Tucson, through "the good, the bad & the ugly”--historic sites & neighborhoods interspersed among typical strip shopping centers & suburban sprawl, arriving to Mission San Xavier @ sunset.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - 8:30am