Students at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland have created a video based on SoA Alum Canaan Martin's (B.Arch 2013) designs and 3d modeling of LiftPort's Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure. Canaan says, “This (project) is a direct result of Assistant Professor Susannah Dickinson's Lyceum Project which connected me with LiftPort."
The video is still in development but the link above shows the final iteration this group of students created. Anew group of students will be taking over production of the video next semester. The video illustrates a "soft-dock" system that allows for travel to and from the Lunar surface for sample collection—or mining operations—without the use of large quantities of expensive fuel. The final version of the video will be narrated to provide greater clarity, but is already receiving a lot of play throughout the scientific community. 
In further news, Canaan has been accepted into the Space Architecture program at the University of Houston, one of only three three students admitted for the spring! He will be working directly with teams from NASA and other aerospace agencies.  "It's thrilling and terrifying, I can't wait to start!”
Tuesday, January 6, 2015 - 11:30am