The recent special edition of the Journal of Architecture and Planning (JAP) highlights the works of CAPLA's own Professor Nader Chalfoun, Assistant Professor Christopher Trumble, and Associate Professor Susannah Dickinson. The special issue theme "Energy at the Intersection Between Design and Building Science in Arid Regions" is a statement that has never been more true in our changing environment. In support of this theme, Chris Trumble published  Bus Shelter Prototypes in the Sonoran Desert, Susannah Dickinson published Bio-logics: Critical Impact Approaches in Trans-disciplinary Urban Design for Arid Regions, and Nader Chalfoun published both Enhancing the Performance of an Existing Commercial Building in Hot Arid Climate and Improving Building Energy Efficiency andDaylight Performance Through the Use Of Adaptive Shading and the Selective Reflector Light Shelf (SRL).

More information may be found here.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 - 9:15am