Associate Professor Dickinson and her AY 2017-2018 Capstone Studio have won the international 2018 STUDIO PRIZE, with the distinguished Sloan Award!

In 2016, ARCHITECT magazine created this award program to celebrate excellence in studio curricula and in the student work that results. It intentionally tried to create a program that would appeal to Gen Z and provide a platform to better understand its ideas and the kind of work likely to come from this demographic. Available to NAAB-accredited architecture degrees, the Studio Prize celebrates the most innovative academic studios in North America. The program’s sponsor provides $20,000 in student prize money with an additional $5,000 purse for the Studio Prize’s Sloan Award, which recognizes those studios with a focus on sustainability and water conservation.

This year’s jury consisted of:
Yolande Daniels, principal, Studio Sumo, New York
Eric Owen Moss, FAIA, principal, Eric Owen Moss Architects, Culver City, Calif.
Jennifer Yoos, FAIA, principal/CEO, VJAA, Minneapolis

The jury selected six studios from the U.S. and Canada, which it called some of the best examples of architectural investigation taking place in colleges and universities today. It noted in particular the use of novel means of investigation, not only to hone students’ formal design skills, but to tackle issues of local and global importance whether re-envisioning zoning for climate change, exploring housing typologies that create more affordable density, or imagining how cities can adapt as sea levels rise.

2018 winners
The Cooper Union
University of Texas at Austin
University of Michigan
Columbia University
University of Toronto
University of Arizona--Sloan Award

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Congratulations to Professor Dickinson and her studio:
Christopher Bernhardt, Connor Holden, Luyi Huang, Scott Hunter, Farhaan Khan, Andrew Kraut, Patricia Lui, Shannon McQuaid, Jeffrey Moser, Truc Nguyen, Morgan Oster, Ty Rodriguez, Kiuk Seong, Kate Stuteville, Christopher Tansey, and Nathaniel Wong

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 2:00pm