House Energy Doctors/Ph.D. students Sandy Bernal (former CAPLA student) and Adriana Zuniga (MS.Arch 2010) were finalists and Omar Youssef (MS.Arch 2014) the winner in the Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture category of the Graduate and Professional Student Council’s annual Student Showcase poster competition.  Their research topics are:

Sandy Bernal:  Assessment of Impacts of Natural and Mechanic Ventilation on Human Health in the Residential Sector in Mexico City

Omar Youssef: Design Index for Therapeutic Architecture

Adriana Zuniga:  The Influence of the Built Environment on the Use of Green Space and Wellbeing

The UA’s GPSC hosts Student Showcase as the academic segment of Homecoming weekend every fall on the University of Arizona Mall. Around one hundred students participate in this exhibition of undergraduate and graduate scholarship demonstrating the wide spectrum of University student research projects. With tens of thousands of visitors attending the one-day Homecoming event, Student Showcase offers students a significant forum for communicating the importance of their research to the broader University of Arizona community.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 - 11:15am