Steve Grede's (B.LA ‘87) streetscape inventory work in Tucson's Armory Park Historic District is featured in this month's Landscape Architecture Magazine in the article, A Finer Fabric: New Digital Tools Help a Historic Neighborhood Protect its Unique Streetscapes. Grede, who teaches at Pima Community College, took advantage of a rare semester-long sabbatical to create a documentation system for the neighborhood’s historic and character-defining features. He recruited volunteers from the neighborhood and from Pima Community College who worked together to create an inventory of street trees and furnishings, curb stamps, sidewalk widths and setbacks, lamp posts, fencing, and many other details using GIS software. Grede was interested in creating a comprehensive record of all the features beyond the historic architecture that create a sense of place in a neighborhood, saying of streetlights and WPA sidewalk stamps, “That’s all part of an experience. It’s not an artifact, it’s an overall experience. How do we record that, and how do we protect it?” He is currently applying for grants that will be used to develop a free or low-cost app that can be employed by preservationists across the country. 


Friday, September 7, 2018 - 2:45pm