SoA Professor Dr. Nader Chalfoun will present his most recent research, Greening University Campus Buildings to Reduce Consumption and Emission While Fostering Hands-on Inquiry-Based Education, atThe 4th International Conference on Sustainable Future for Human Security (SUSTAIN) 2013 to be held at Kyoto University in October. The peer review committee also selected his paper for publication in the upcoming ELESVIER International Journal for Sustainable Future of Human Security (J-SustaiN).

The paper describes his method of greening university campus buildings that contribute to a large amount of energy and water consumption, air pollution, and resource depletions. The University of Arizona became engaged in the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment that emphasizes that university campuses must exercise leadership in their communities and throughout society by modeling ways to minimize global warming emissions, and by providing their graduates the knowledge and education to achieve climate neutrality. The House Energy Doctor faculty and students, through a multi-year contract, has conducted level III energy audits on nine major campus buildings to identify energy efficiency opportunities that will contribute to the greening of campus. Great work, Nader!

You can learn more about the Kyoto conference here.



Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 3:45pm