Students in Associate Professor Lisa Schrenk’s International Exposition course last spring received an intense student engagement experience by contributing to Minnesota’s bid to host the 2023 world’s fair. The students traveled to the Twin Cities in January to meet with event organizers and develop an understanding of the locale. They then spent the semester exploring the concept of gateways through research and charrettes, and produced the book Exposition Gateways, which offers suggested design criteria and concepts. In May several of the students returned to Minnesota to present their work, which was highly praised by the expo architects and organizers. Mark Ritchie, the former Minnesota Secretary of State and President and CEO of Minnesota USA Expo 2023, for example, wrote to Dr. Schrenk: Please pass along my deepest appreciation to your students who created this incredible book about Expos. I have read many, many books and studies of Expos and few come close to the quality of research and the usefulness of this treasure. As we move ahead with our plans to host the 2023 World’s Fair here in Minnesota their work will be a constant companion and will help us to learn from the many lessons they have gleaned from prior Expos held in other cities and it will inspire us with the many great ideas included as specific suggestions for our planning here in Minnesota. I know that as the instructor for this course you played a crucial role in guiding this work and I thank you for this “above and beyond the call of duty” effort. When the history of our effort is written it will be a crucial part of the story. Congrats to Christopher Ewing, Austin Kremer, Corrie Willcox, Rahil Zarpoush, Fatemeh Sharaf Zadeh for work well done! Minnesota is competing with Łódź, Poland and Bueno Aires, Argentina to host Expo 2023. Final site selection will be announced this November at the Bureau of International Expositions in Paris.
Wednesday, August 16, 2017 - 1:45pm