CAPLA's Sustainable Laboratory Urban Garden (SLUG) studio had a community outreach event with their collaborators, City High School and Paolo Freire Freedom School, this past Saturday. The studio's design/build project, supported by a UA Green Fund Grant of $35,000, will transform the schools' currently under-utilized alley into a space for urban agriculture, outdoor teaching, informal play and student engagement. SLUG is led by faculty members Linda Samuels and Chris Trumble, and includes the following students:

B.Arch, 5th Year:

  • Andrew Cusick
  • Crosbie Roper
  • Dailong Ma
  • Dengjie Chen
  • Dillon Mariano
  • Dulce Arambula
  • Joe Miranda
  • Jordan Pascua
  • Mekael Wesley-Rosa
  • Michael Vo
  • Nikota Litzin
  • Peng Gao
  • Ryan Haines

Student Employees:

  • Gina Trautner (MLA)
  • Dan Maher (M.Arch)

You can follow their project's progress on the Sustainable City Project Facebook page and website.

Degree Program: 
Monday, September 22, 2014 - 4:15pm