Eighteen AIAS members will be going to Chicago at the end of December for AIAS Forum—a record for UA participation! Our AIAS chapter currently has 55 members—which we also think may be a record—including nine graduate members this year. 

This year's contingent traveling to the national forum represent our students from 2nd Year through M.Arch and include: Caitlin Kessler, Mandy Conry, Amanda Schwarz, Will Ruoff, Yanet Vega, Nikki Hall, Bernardo Teran, Erica Blank, Andrea Rose, Miriam Strauss, Andrew Cusick, Lisa Martinez, Edgar Parra, Yukon Zhou, Trent Gligorovic, Chris Maltez, JJ Richardson, and Charles Garney. They will be joining 5th year student Andrea Young who holds a National Board Position as West Quad Director. Have a great trip, everyone!


Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 11:15am