Students in the seminar Frank Lloyd Wright and the Rise of Modern Architecture traveled to Phoenix to experience several of Wright's buildings firsthand. In addition to receiving a special student-led tour of Taliesin West that included visits to the student shelters out in the desert, dinner with the Fellowship, and a lecture by two Taliesin artists-in-residence, they spent several hours taking in the architecture of the David Wright house. 

The spectacular, spiraling house Frank Lloyd Wright designed for his third son, which made the New York Times last year when its future was in question, is currently undergoing a major restoration in preparation for it becoming publicly accessible. In attendance at the house were the current owner, the restoration architect, and one of Frank Lloyd Wright's great granddaughters, who shared stories of her childhood experiences at the house with the students.

Degree Program: 
Monday, May 5, 2014 - 9:30am