AIAS orchestrated a highly successful Faculty and Staff Dinner Auction. The event raised commitments totaling $3,450 toward Beaux Arts Ball and Freedom by Design, thanks to support of the bidders and the generosity of these sponsors, who have donated their time and dinner to student bidders:
Clare Robinson, Eduardo Guerrero, Brad Lang, Siri Trumble, 
Luis Ibarra, Teresa Rosano, Beth Weinstein, Courtney Crosson, Nicole McIntosh, Annie Kurtin, Darci Hazelbaker, Patti van Leer, Sheila Blackburn, Michael Kothke, Alan Purvis, Robert Miller
As MC'd by Prof. Brad Lang, the event was fun and freewheeling and captured the spirit of fun and respectful good humor that characterizes the relationship between students and faculty.
Director Robert Miller asking for bids at the AIAS Auction
Monday, April 18, 2016 - 10:45am