The five-year Bachelor of Architecture degree comprises three curricular phases. 

Foundation Phase
Students interested in architecture should indicate the "Pre-Architecture" major in their application to the university. A portfolio of design work is not required with your application, this gives everyone who is seriously interested in the degree an opportunity to try the Foundation Studies course required in the first year. This course provides for the examination through first-hand experience, if architecture is a student's calling. Approximately 130 students are admitted to each Foundation Studies class.

Applicants must meet the University Admission Standards in order to be considered for the program. SAT and ACT exam scores are not evaluated for admission to the architecture program, but if the applicant wishes to apply for scholarships, one or both of the exams should be taken. 

The Foundation Studies course is comprised of two studios: ARC 101 and ARC 102. The school recommends that students begin in the fall semester, though a spring entry to ARC 101 is possible, with a summer offering of ARC 102.

Professional Phase
Admission to the Professional Phase (years 2-5 of the B.Arch) is competitive. Upon the successful completion of the Foundation Phase, applicants mount an exhibit of work and make a formal application. Between 80-90 qualified students are typically admitted.

Applicants to the Professional Phase are ranked according to the combined score of the following criteria: an exhibit of work, cumulative GPA, combined Foundation Studio grades (ARC 101 + ARC 102), and a History/Theory grade relating to assigned coursework students complete in ARC 101. An Award of Merit score may be added to this total.


Exhibit of Work        20%
GPA        20%
Combined ARC 101 and ARC 102 Studio Grade        50%
History/Theory Grade         10%
Total       100%
Award of Merit Points           5%
  • Exhibit of Work: All students who intend to apply to the Professional Phase will be required to mount an Exhibit of Work at the end of ARC 102.
  • GPA: The student's University of Arizona cumulative GPA.
  • Combined ARC 101 and ARC 102 Studio Grade: The average of the combined ARC 101 and ARC 102 studio grades.
  • History/Theory Grade: During ARC 101 students will be introduced to concepts, themes, precedents, and movements throughout architectural history. Students attend weekly lectures, produce journals and complete essays as part of this coursework. The average grade from these assignments, including attendance, constitutes the History/Theory grade.
  • Award of Merit: Up to five merit awards will be awarded individually to students who complete ARC 101 and ARC 102 in consecutive terms. The merit awards will recognize the following: dedication to the foundation course, overall improvement or exemplary performance, and leadership. Candidates for the merit awards will be nominated by the ARC 101 and ARC 102 Foundation Studio instructors. Consensus by the studio instructors will determine the award recipients.

The underlying aim of the Professional Phase admissions process is to select students with the highest potential for success in the program.  Final selection is based on academic performance and demonstration of creative work. 

Selection for the Professional Phase is made as soon as grades for the spring and summer terms become available. Students who complete all coursework by the end of the spring semester will be informed of their acceptance around the end of May. Students completing coursework in the summer will be notified only after the receipt of grades for that coursework.

A "Notification of Acceptance" form is enclosed with the letter of admission to the Professional Phase. Students are required to return the form to the School of Architecture in order to reserve their place in the program. Failure to return this form within the prescribed time period will result in the applicant's place being assigned to someone else.


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