Multidisciplinary Team Enters Bank of America Merrill Lynch Low-Income Housing Challenge 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Multidisciplinary team of CAPLA faculty and students has entered Bank of America Merrill Lynch Low-Income Housing Challenge 2016.

The team consists of adviser Eduardo Guerrero, Urban Designer, Assistant Lecturer and students:

Queston Kwolek (B.Arch), Ben Pozez (B.Arch), Madison Neperud (B.Arch), Tim Kilpatrick (B.Arch), Devin Michaelis (B.Arch), Michael Kolt (MRED), Jack Kemmerly (MRED), Caroline Janjic (MRED), Jennifer Crosby (MRED), and Nejlah Hummer (M.Planning).  

The Bank of America Merrill Lynch Low-Income Housing Challenge is a team ‘business plan' competition whose goal is to inform, educate, and attract the next generation of affordable housing professionals. The competition challenges undergraduate and graduate students to envision new and innovative models of housing for low-to-moderate income residents. The proposals are required to be forward-looking but also feasible in the current economic and fiscal climate.

CAPLA's team, representing three disciplines, started working together with a kick off meeting where Prof. Guerrero introduced the whole team of 11 students, defined the site, and assigned team responsibilities. There are eight total teams competing this year: CAPLA's team from the UA, Portland State, USC, Cal Poly, UCLA, UC Berkeley, University of Washington, and Mercy College in NY.

Left to Right: Tim Kilpatrick (B.Arch) 2020, Queston Kwolek (B.Arch) 2017, Nejlah Hummer (M.Planning) 2017, Christine Moos (B.Arch) 2019, Jack Kemmerly (MRED) 2016, Michael Kolt (MRED) 2017, Ben Pozez (B.Arch) 2019, Devin Michaelis (B.Arch) 2019 hard at work on February 24, 2016.

Students in Oman Send Pictures

Monday, September 24, 2012

The dozen CALA students currently representing all three professions in Oman took a break from their revitalization efforts and sent back pictures. Associate Professor Mark Frederickson reports that the trip is going well and that there are more pictures to come.

Read the UA News article about the trip by clicking here, and see pictures below.

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CALA Students Head to Oman to Aid in Urban Revitalization

Friday, September 14, 2012

This September, a dozen CALA students from all three profressions will travel to Oman and examine revitalization efforts in the capital, Muscat. Associate Professor Mark Frederickson, who is teaching the studio and planned the trip, says that the international experience will be invaluable to students.

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CALA Organizes Interdisciplinary Honors Studio Abroad

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Students will be selected to travel to Oman this fall and participate in a two-week international project.

For the first time, CALA is offering an interdisciplinary and international honors studio integrated into the curricula of our three programs – architecture, landscape architecture, and planning. Selected students will participate in an urban design studio and practicum in Oman this fall. Participants will aid in the revitalization efforts of the urban waterfront of Muscat, while increasing cross-cultural and cross disciplinary awareness.

While abroad, CALA students will collaborate with the architectural engineering faculty and students from the Sultan Qaboos University. Together, the group will examine the numerous large urban revitalization projects that Muscat is currently undertaking. Afterwards, they will generate a conceptual master plan that lends cohesiveness to all of the renewal projects.

“It is anticipated that this experience will catalyze a better understanding of the potential influences and confines inherent in our design and planning professions regarding their ability to effect meaningful change in urban fabric,” says Mark Frederickson, Professor in the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning and leader of the trip. He hopes that as students from both universities work together, they’ll begin to see cultural, professional, and environmental commonalities.

The honors studio has been made possible in large part to CALA’s 2011 Alumnus of the Year and Head of Muscat Municipality, H.E. Eng. Sultan Bin Hamdoon Al Harthi. After visiting Tucson in 2011 to receive his award, H.E. Al Harthi suggested that the College team up with Muscat on a project, leading to the upcoming studio.

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