Multidisciplinary Team Enters Bank of America Merrill Lynch Low-Income Housing Challenge 2016

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Multidisciplinary team of CAPLA faculty and students has entered Bank of America Merrill Lynch Low-Income Housing Challenge 2016.

The team consists of adviser Eduardo Guerrero, Urban Designer, Assistant Lecturer and students:

Queston Kwolek (B.Arch), Ben Pozez (B.Arch), Madison Neperud (B.Arch), Tim Kilpatrick (B.Arch), Devin Michaelis (B.Arch), Michael Kolt (MRED), Jack Kemmerly (MRED), Caroline Janjic (MRED), Jennifer Crosby (MRED), and Nejlah Hummer (M.Planning).  

The Bank of America Merrill Lynch Low-Income Housing Challenge is a team ‘business plan' competition whose goal is to inform, educate, and attract the next generation of affordable housing professionals. The competition challenges undergraduate and graduate students to envision new and innovative models of housing for low-to-moderate income residents. The proposals are required to be forward-looking but also feasible in the current economic and fiscal climate.

CAPLA's team, representing three disciplines, started working together with a kick off meeting where Prof. Guerrero introduced the whole team of 11 students, defined the site, and assigned team responsibilities. There are eight total teams competing this year: CAPLA's team from the UA, Portland State, USC, Cal Poly, UCLA, UC Berkeley, University of Washington, and Mercy College in NY.

Left to Right: Tim Kilpatrick (B.Arch) 2020, Queston Kwolek (B.Arch) 2017, Nejlah Hummer (M.Planning) 2017, Christine Moos (B.Arch) 2019, Jack Kemmerly (MRED) 2016, Michael Kolt (MRED) 2017, Ben Pozez (B.Arch) 2019, Devin Michaelis (B.Arch) 2019 hard at work on February 24, 2016.