ORPI History of Ranching

Date: September 2009
Location: Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument
Client: National Park Service/Desert Southwest Cooperative Ecosyste Studies Unit
Projet Type: Context Study
Project Source/Funding: National Park Service/Desert Southwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit
Drachman Institute Team:

Faraway Ranch Historic District, Cultural Landscape Report: Parts 1 and 2, Chiricahua NM, AZ

Faraway Ranch is located within Chiricahua National Monument in southeastern Arizona. This historic vernacular landscape dates from the late nineteenth century and continued to be occupied by descendants of the Erickson family until the mid 1970’s. During its history, the property transitioned from subsistence farming and ranching to a guest ranch closely linked to the development of the adjacent Chiricahua National Monument.  

Hubbell Trading Post, Furnishings Report and Plan

The Hubbell Trading Post is a functional and operating trading post that first opened in the 1870s on the Navajo Reservation.  Hubbell Trading Post is also a unit of the National Park Service, so designated in 1965.  Unlike other national historic sites, which have been established to preserve, protect and interpret places of national significance, Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site is also a historic place that provides for the operation of an ongoing commercial enterprise representative of businesses from a century ago.  This complicates the compilation of a Historic Furnishing R

Tucson Community Center Landscape Conservation Plan

Date: 2012
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Client: Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation
Project Type: Preservation Master Plan
Project Source/Funding: Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation
Drachman Institute Team: Pat O'Brien