Research and community outreach are vital components of the core mission of the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and are fully integrated into the interdisciplinary educational experience.

  • the scholarship of discovery: research that increases the storehouse of new knowledge within the discipline;
  • the scholarship of integration: including efforts by faculty to explore the connectedness of knowledge within and across disciplines, and thereby bring new insight to original research;
  • the scholarship of application: which leads faculty to explore how knowledge can be applied to consequential problems in service to the community and society; and
  • the scholarship of teaching: which views teaching not as a routine task, but as perhaps the highest form of scholarly enterprise, involving the constant interplay of teaching and learning.
Areas of Scholarship
Utilizing the Sonoran Desert and its characteristics, the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture has developed a strong reputation for research and outreach not only in the American Southwest, but also in arid regions throughout the world.


CAMP Architecture
These summer day-programs for students are fun and educational.