Degree Program: 

Introduction to the technics and techniques of analog fabrication related to wood, steel and concrete/plaster.

Regular grades are awarded for this course: A B C D E

Fall 2016 Project

This year the students were tasked with making a nesting stool and table using 3 materials; steel, concrete, and wood.  Each student made the same object but they were allowed to customize the small details such as finishes, color, species, etc.  The students learned two forms of joining metal, welding and mechanical fastening (tapping/threading metal), they learned the basics of woodworking and making hand cut dovetail joints, hidden dado's with double shoulders, and the basics of casting concrete while making and using a reusable formwork.  The students learned a lot and their instructors witnessed a comfort level growing in their new found skills.  

This photo portfolio highlights the students' final review.