Degree Program: 

Course Description:

Understanding and testing of ethical relationships with the land as a necessary preparation for the act of building. Not to see the land primarily as aresource that belongs to us to be developed, but rather as a source of sensibility that we must learn to belong to by careful examination and grounding of our actions.

Empirical examination of the different components of what we call land observing an experimental protocol based on a land ethic ~ aesthetic researchbinary.

1. Understanding through discussion and clarification of the concept(s) of land ethic and ethical propositions.
2. Ability to observe and analyze phenomena regarding the earth (geology), the water (hydrology), and the light and air (meteorology) in the Sonoran Desert region.
3. Ability to experimentally play with concepts and empirical observations towards the formulation of construction proposals that are guided by and embody ethical relationships with the land.

Course Structure & Topics
This course comprises three observatory topics and one laboratory/project topic:
Observatory One (2 weeks):     light & air ~ meteorology; regimes ~ events; wavelength ~ chroma
Observatory Two (2 weeks):    water ~ hydrology; cycles ~ flows; pools ~ riffles
Observatory Three (2 weeks):  earth (ground) ~ geology; time ~ space; longitude ~ latitude
Laboratory/Project (8 week):     dwelling

Course Requirements
Field Journeys:

Field journeys are required to induce first hand experience in natural events and phenomena and provide the initial empirical basis for design/construction proposals. Other scheduled participation will be specified with each topic.
Activities in the field as well as in the studio shall reflect a deliberately ethical behavior.
Work Products:
All work products (drawings, models, installations, notebooks, etc.) shall observe careful standards of craftsmanship, proper use of materials and equipment, economy of means and aesthetic intention.

Regular grades are awarded for this course: A B C D E
Enrollment Requirement: 
* Enrollment in architecture design studio courses 202, 301, 302, 401, 402, 451, and 452 requires a student to have earned a grade of "C" or higher in the preceding studio.