Degree Program: 

Course Description:

The content and theme of this fourth-year architecture studio will be the design and programming of a project/building/site that will develop with systematic clarity. Emphasis will be on future/sustainable oriented problem identification, efficient utilization of resources, and the appropriate interface with contextual activities and building systems.   Graduate-level requirements include preparation of an extensive typological study and a substantial presentation which includes structural and bioclimatic response data.

The goal of the course will be to continue to utilize all skills and established knowledge obtained in previous architectural course work, with new and extended emphasis on architectural analysis and building systems, including: structural systems, active and passive cooling & heating, environmental controls, materials and methods, sustainable and integrative systems and investigations of their application(s), site analysis and planning, regional, landscape and urban analysis, typology and precedent study, programming, presentation methods and modeling (including BIM platform) and energy analysis.

Course Structure & Topics
The course organization proposes a clear methodological approach to the making of architecture.  A paradigm will be established that links analysis, transition, ordering, empirical testing and application.  Simply stated, we will follow the model of an architect, who after earning a commission, engages inactivities that are based on, concerned with, and verifiable by observation and experience.

Course Requirements
Project: The project's activities and requirements for presentation will be discussed in studio, with supporting handouts distributed as necessary.  As the project's activities are considered cumulative, completion of all activities in sequence is mandatory to receive a passing grade.
Sketchbook: Each student is required to keep a sketchbook to be made available at all critiques and reviews.  The sketchbook will be actively engaged as a means of translating critical thought with the hand-providing a record/trace of your inquiry and project development referenced in the execution of your project and in your future work as a student.
Field trips, lectures and presentations: Field trips will be scheduled during regular class time.  If a field trip is planned to occur outside of the scheduled course days or hours, attendance will be optional.  Lectures and presentations will occur in the Lecture Hall (Room 103), and will be scheduled throughout the course of the semester.  Many presentations are planned to support the studio activities.  Students will be given proper prior notice of these presentations and attendance is mandatory.

Regular grades are awarded for this course: A B C D E
Enrollment Requirement: 
* Enrollment in architecture design studio courses 202, 301, 302, 401, 402, 451, and 452 requires a student to have earned a grade of "C" or higher in the preceding studio.