Degree Program: 

Course Description:

Two-module course:
Module 1: The study and design of steel structures; Maxwell diagramming of long span steel trusses and the computational analysis of steel beams, columns and connections. 
Module 2: The study and design of concrete structures; the computational analysis of concrete beams, slabs, footings and connections.


1.     Provide students with a creative and rational understanding of the design and employment of steel and concrete structural systems based
        on an understanding of material properties, structural behavior, and sound engineering practices.
2.     Enable students with the ability to design and analyze truss and cable systems.
3.     Enable students with the ability to understand how forces are transferred through a structural system.
4.     Enable students with the creative potential of steel and concrete as a building material.
5.     Provide students with an understanding of the relationship between form and structure and implement this understanding in the design

Course Structure & Topics
Lectures: introduce structural topics; precedence and analytical / computational methods.
Laboratory: lab projects provide students the opportunity to further explore the topics covered in lecture.
Design Projects:  provide students the opportunity to integrate lecture and lab topics into the work being done in their elective design studios.  Studio design projects will be used as a backdrop for the basis of the semester structural design project.
Project Notebooks: serve as a record for all note taking, analytical, design, and lab work.  Assignments will have a due date.  All work is expected to be completed and recorded in the project notebook by the assigned due date.  Notebooks will be collected randomly throughout the semester.  They will be graded on completeness, accuracy, and neatness.
Exams: Two exams will be given in this course.  The purpose of the exams is to test the students' ability to reference and apply the material presented in lectures and labs.  The exams will be open textbook (any printed textbook will be allowed.)  No other material, including photocopies of the textbook, will be allowed.

Course Requirements
Students must complete all projects, homework assignments, quizzes and examinations as defined in this syllabus.

Regular grades are awarded for this course: A B C D E