Degree Program: 

Course Description:

The aim of this course is to complete a Capstone Project; an architectural project that is a demonstration of the student's readiness and capacity to engage responsibly and creatively in the profession of architecture. As fifth-year students in their last semester in the School, students are expected to execute work relative to a precise theoretical and practical hypothesis or proposition, communicate intentions and results clearly, proceed according to a pertinent program, employ appropriate research methods, adhere to a coherent schedule, and formulate criteria for determining the success of the project.

The primary objective of this course is to develop student independence in defining project issues and successfully integrating all aspects of the design/research proposal in a comprehensively developed project. Specific objectives addressed are:
1. Concept development: Develop a clear, precise concept defining the basis of theoretical and practical solution to the project issues, including all pertinent aesthetic, site, environmental, behavioral, historic, contextual and technological determinants required pertinent to addressed during the process of design.
2. Research method and analysis: Apply a meaningful process of investigation and analysis integrating modeling and testing of design hypothesis.
3. Research findings: Address all critical issues in the development of the project including challenges and limitations.
4. Synthesis: Demonstrate clarity and competence in communicating a synthesis of the project in fulfillment of programmatic requirements as stated in the program.
5. Organization: Recognize and respect scheduled deadlines as an integral aspect of the design process.
6. Professionalism: Accept responsibility of self-discipline in working independently in a creative and productive manner in a studio setting and to seek counsel and advice from the studio faculty critic and/or Capstone Advising Committee.

Course Structure & Topics
Teaching format: Studio work under guidance of advisory committee and ARC 452 faculty.
1. Interim Review 1
2. Interim Review 2
3. Progress Evaluation: Students with significant deficiencies in the quality and/or level of performance may be eliminated from continuing the Capstone process.  Under unusual circumstances a student may be given an additional chance to present his/her work progress.  The result of this evaluation constitutes the final decision on passing or failing the interim Capstone Reviews.
4. Final Capstone Review
5. Capstone Project Publication Submission

Note: The ARC 452 coordinator will be responsible for scheduling reviews. Studio Faculty Critics will be responsible for pin-up reviews as needed.  However, students will be responsible for interim meetings with their Capstone Committee, and notifying their committee members of scheduled reviews.  Students working independently are also required and expected to meet all scheduled reviews, presentation/communication requirements and expectations of excellence of structured studios.

Course Requirements
All students, whether working autonomously or enrolled in a directed studio, are subject to the same requirements.  Program revision and scheduled reviews identified in "course structure & topics" above pertain to all students enrolled in ARC 452.
Required Readings: As selected by the student and/or as recommended by the Capstone Committee and studio critic.
Experimental/Research Materials:  As needed.

Regular grades are awarded for this course: A B C D E