Degree Program: 
The Research Methods course will provide a foundational basis for learning how to develop a design based research area of inquiry and for identifying the research methods appropriate for scientific inquiry and discovery in architecture. The framework for the course will establish a platform for innovative exploration and contextualization of research questions within prior knowledge lineage. Such contexts will inform the theoretical positioning and subsequent hypothesis formation for design investigations. The focus of this course will be the development of the EPA P3 Grant Proposal through a well-crafted Research Poster, an ongoing Research Blog and Sketchbook, an Annotated Bibliography, and the acquisition of research skills and critical understanding of the role of research in architectural design processes. Students will learn how to define a research problem through the thoughtful understanding of a collective contextual basis of larger societal and environmental issues facing particular cultures. Students will investigate prior literature and conduct basic experiments and make critical interpretations to
inform future research directions.
Regular grades are awarded for this course: A B C D E