This first-year colloquium will prepare Sustainable Built Environments and other interested students with insight into sustainable concepts and practices. Students will learn about sustainability and its impacts on the built environment from a national and global perspective. This colloquium introduces the methods and standards of the discipline for discovering new knowledge, the values which characterize the field of study, advances in the field, impact on society, and career opportunities. This colloquium also provides an opportunity for students to learn the breadth of knowledge and research areas at the University of Arizona, and as such, guest speakers will be brought in regularly discuss their respective topics.

Learning Objectives
After completing the course requirements, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a general understanding of sustainability, from national and global perspectives,
  • Critically analyze the challenges and trade-offs of creating a more sustainable built environment through weekly journals and classroom discussions, and
  • Express concepts learned through active participation in discussions with other students, instructors, and guest speakers.

This course is offered in-person and fully online.

Regular grades are awarded for this course: A B C D E