The Sustainable Built Environments program is seeking students who have a passion for sustainability and a desire to make a difference.

Sustainable Built Environments is a solutions-based, interdisciplinary undergraduate degree that educates students in the comprehensive understanding of environmental design, planning, and management challenges. Graduates are prepared for challenges to be met in a rapidly developing world with global issues of an unprecedented nature. Students learn a comprehensive understanding of sustainability principles and are prepared with the skills to make our communities, buildings, and landscapes more sustainable. Learn what our Sustainable Built Environments Alumni have accomplished!

Sustainable Built Environment degree programs include:
Major Emphasis Areas

Students select an emphasis area aligned with their academic interests and career goals. Each emphasis area is specifically designed to prepare students with both a theoretical understanding and practical skills in their chosen area of study.

  • Sustainable Buildings
  • Sustainable Communities
  • Sustainable Landscapes
  • Sustainable Real Estate Development
  • Heritage Conservation
Accelerated Masters Program

Qualified Sustainable Built Environments students interested in pursuing a graduate degree have the exciting opportunity to begin one of the college’s graduate programs during the senior year of their undergraduate degree through the Accelerated Master’s Program.

Careers in Sustainability

B.S. in Sustainable Built Environments graduates are prepared for a wide range of employment opportunities in entrepreneurial start-ups, global corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies as well as graduate studies. Learn what our recent graduates have accomplished.

For information on admissions, please contact Sean Kramer, Student Academic Success Specialist, Sustainable Built Environments.

Sustainable Built Environments Contacts

Student Academic Success Specialist, Sustainable Built Environments
Planning Lecturer and Chair, Sustainable Built Environments


College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture building with the Underwood Garden in the foreground. Photo: Robert Reck