Monday, October 30, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture
1040 N Olive Rd
Tucson , AZ


Join us for the second installment of the Fall 2017 School of Landscape and Architecture and Planning lecture series as John Suarez, Principal, SBD Studio in Scottsdale, AZ presents "Symbiosis by Design."

John Suarez possesses over 30 years of leadership experience in building awareness in the fields of town and regional planning, landscape architecture, resort planning and urban design. His practice expands to the continents of North America, South and Central America, Europe and Asia.
John is a recognized results-oriented professional with particular strengths in site-planning and design, project management and project implementation. His applied design ideas impart an understanding and an artful fusion of the diverse multicultural dimensions he has found in his travels.
His process has established a reputation for client responsiveness, and creative problem solving. John’s focus rests on capturing the essence of place. Through his applied methods he instills an understanding and appreciation of the visual arts and their contributions to the history of cultural development and change.
“In my journey I came to understand landscape in its broader dimension; that of an all encompassing stage. Landscape shares with all, changes all and in the process allows us to rediscover ourselves by bringing into perspective a deeper meaning of our place in it. In matters of allowing my passion for celebrating beauty to become relevant, I let my design approach straddle between science and art. From biology and ecology to the works of the great masters whose art has inspired generations and continues doing so, I humbly come to the realization that my actions must aspire to bringing a deeper awareness of those sensibilities which make up that tissue which binds us all."
All Fall 2017 School of Landscape Architecture and Planning Lectures are to be held in CAPLA's Dinsmore Classroom, room 203.

John Suarez