Saturday, May 12, 2018 - 5:00pm to 9:00pm


Chicago Music Store
30 East Congress Street
Tucson , AZ

Daring to dream and anticipate what Tucson could look like in the year 2050, some University of Arizona Bachelor of Architecture students have a vision that will be on display at The Chicago Store on Saturday, May 12. Now, they’re looking to have a conversation with the greater Tucson community to see what their thoughts are on the city’s future and how their feedback can be integrated into the vision’s next steps.

Beginning at the start of the spring 2018 semester, the students’ studio class started considering five questions which helped them develop designs for three areas of Tucson’s downtown, Congress Street, the Tucson Convention Center, and the Mercado District. The five questions they considered:

1.       How can technology support increased resilience in urban infrastructure in 2050?

2.       How can Tucson support a healthier, more active population in 2050?

3.       How can adaptive reuse empower a green economy in 2050?

4.       How can multi-model transportation increase livability in 2050?

5.       How can the union of the built and natural environment improve quality of life in 2050?


The students invite you to join them for a lively evening of discussion and experience a future vision of the downtown area, one which promotes a vibrant community and livable environments without over using water and energy resources. This visionary project is the work of students and their professor, Courtney Crosson, and was sponsored by GLHN Architects and Engineers.  The students also received guidance from various community experts who served as project mentors.  The Downtown Tucson 2050 exhibit includes virtual reality (VR) renderings, physical models, and comment boards.  Come take a look and share your thoughts on the promise of Tucson’s downtown!


Who: The general public

What: Tucson 2050, an exhibition by students from the University of Arizona, School of Architecture and sponsored by GLHN Architects and Engineers

Where: The Chicago Music Store, 130 East Congress Street, Downtown Tucson, Arizona

When: Saturday, May 12th from 5-9pm

Cost: Free!





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