House Energy Doctor New Location

The University of Arizona’s College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture's new expansion is 31,000 square feet at a total cost of $9 million. The plan includes a well-equipped 900 ft² (21.5X41.5 feet) facility on the ground floor, specially designated for the House Energy Doctor Laboratory. This new facility replaces the old HED location on Fremont Street and will continue to function as the center of operations and learning for the College’s “Design and Energy Conservation” Graduate Masters Program and related undertakings. The HED laboratory will also extend to the roof of the new building and will take advantage of an additional 6,000ft² (32X192 feet)of open space. This space will accommodate all solar energy related research and activities which includes a photovoltaics demonstration, Sunspace and Tromb wall structures and the largest Heliodon in the southwest.