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Fall 2008: Petrified Forest Painted Desert Community
The community includes the Visitor Center, Administration Building, Concessions Building, Maintenance Building, Community Building, Post Office, School House, and Employee Residence. The Painted Desert Community was designed by Richard Neutra and completed in the early 1960ís as part of National Park Service Mission 66.

House Energy Doctor team Fall 2008

Fall 2009: Petrified Forest Rainbow Forest Museum
This building is used for the parkís south entrance and considered a trail head for popular trails such as Giant Logs, and Agate House. It contains a bookstore, gift store, and fossil exhibits.

House Energy Doctor team Fall 2009

Fall 2010: Petrified Forest Painted Desert Inn
A historic building originally constructed in 1924. It was remodeled from 1937-1940 by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) as part of the New Deal. Over the years, it has been worked on periodically and is currently used as the Visitor Information Center.

House Energy Doctor team Fall 2010