SALARY: $59,940.00 - $82,514.00 Annually
JOB TYPE: Full-time
DEPARTMENT: Community Planning & Economic Development
LOCATION: Crown Roller Mill, 105 - 5th Avenue South, Minneapolis
CLOSING DATE: 03/06/17 11:59 PM
POSTING TYPE: Open to the public


In Minneapolis, we've set the bar high. We have an award-winning parks system, clean and healthy urban lakes and Mississippi River, and we are making progress toward our goals for a zero-carbon energy future. These many accomplishments contribute to our much-praised quality-of-life setting and help answer the question "Why Minneapolis?" for hundreds of thousands of people. Part of the reason we can meet such high standards is because we are constantly planning for the future. CPED's Long Range Planning Division is a team of bright, creative, dedicated professionals pulling together in a collaborative, thoughtful work environment to advance the City's goals, to raise and expand public discourse, and to forge a brighter urban future – all of it with the public interest front and center. We're in the process of putting together the next long-range citywide comprehensive plan: Minneapolis2040 (right click to open link in new tab). In Minneapolis, the decades of central city population decline have passed into the history books and our urban population is growing again – projections show an expected growth of 15% in the next 20 years. We want to outdo our projections and grow by 20% through a more efficient use of land, denser development patterns, expanded pedestrian, bicycle, and transit facilities, and by catalyzing a more vibrant, equitable economy – one that closes the gap on existing education and employment disparities. And we need your help to plan this future. We need talented, enthusiastic people with solid education and experience to join our team, pitch in, work with our communities, and to help them share their experience and point of view. We're open to folks with varied specialties and disciplinary backgrounds, but we especially need planning professionals with design education and experience. This position is perfect for an outgoing, self-starter who loves drawing and designing possibilities and solutions, interacting with the community, learning and teaching new things, and integrating your experience and talents into the wide-ranging expertise found both inside and outside of our local government. Most of all, planners in this position are called upon to provide and help others develop and design a shared vision and discernable steps for getting there. We have one full-time Senior City Planner position available. The Senior Planner will simultaneously provide long-range planning knowledge and services while sharing their talent and knowledge in one or more planning sub-disciplines on a Citywide basis. The ideal candidate will work well in the framework of the team environment, but also be confident and capable working individually and in groups with neighborhood and community groups across our increasingly diverse population. Most candidates will be expected to start at the beginning of the salary range and work their way up through the salary range over several years. Most of the time, we work a regular Monday-Friday schedule, 40 hours per week. However, work in this position sometimes involves being out in the community in the evening or on the weekend, so we flex our time when necessary to accommodate days or weeks when we have off-hour meetings. In addition to our regular work activities, CPED has a proud tradition of providing opportunities to use and expand your existing skills, spend time on training, continuing education and career development, and to build the tools, methods, and practices that make work more exciting, more effective, and more sustainable – for you and for the City.

• Prepare or assist in preparing technical, physical, economic, social or statistical data and analysis to aid in planning activities.
• Analyze and make recommendations on all elements of planning using knowledge of urban design, information systems, land use control or transportation.
• Assist boards, commissions, and committees as required and work with neighborhood and business groups on planning projects.
• Analyze requests and write reports and recommendations for Planning Commission, Heritage Preservation Commission, and Board of Adjustment actions, and the Minneapolis Arts Commission. These include long range planning documents, certificates of appropriateness, rezoning, site plan review, conditional use permits, plats, registered land surveys, minor subdivisions, amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, street and alley, street and alley vacations, expansions and changes of nonconforming uses, etc.
• Work with architects, developers, neighborhood groups, inter-governmental partners, and other city staff in developing conceptual designs and monitoring design development reviews.
• Responsible for grant seeking, preparation of grant proposals, grant administration and grant financial management.
• Perform lead work in organizing and coordinating projects and reviewing the work of others including consultants, interdisciplinary staff, stakeholders, and representatives from outside organizations.
• Function as a team member on multidisciplinary projects.
• Attend professional seminars and workshops to maintain current knowledge of state and national trends and developments.
• Answer questions and respond to general inquiries about planning issues from the public and other agencies. Coordinating and facilitate public meetings and public hearings by setting agendas, public notifications, etc.
• Research, evaluate and communicate proposed changes to the City's Comprehensive Plan, area plans, thematic plans, Zoning Code and related Ordinances.
• Design, draft, and utilize various graphic software programs to provide conceptual design services and represent the City's objectives in a variety of forums.
Required Education
Bachelor's Degree in Urban-, Regional-, or Community Planning, Geography, Urban Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, or a highly related field or equivalent. Required Experience Three (3) years of professional level experience in Planning, Geography, Public Administration, Architecture, Landscape Architecture or Urban Design performing duties similar to those described above. Equivalency For candidates who do not have a Master's degree, an equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered. Desirable Qualifications -- Cultural competency Ability to relate and work effectively with people from diverse cultural, economic and ethnic backgrounds. Selection Process The selection process will consist of one or more of the following steps: a rating of relevant education and experience and/or an oral examination (100%). It is important that your application show all the relevant education and experience you possess. This information will be used to determine which candidates will proceed in the selection process. A submitted application is also used to verify the answers to any supplemental questions. Responding to supplemental questions is a required component of the application process. Only those candidates who attain a passing score (70%) on each step in the selection process will be placed on the eligible list. The City of Minneapolis Human Resources Department reserves the right to limit the number in any phase of the selection process. Background Check The City has determined that a criminal background check and/or qualifications check may be necessary for certain positions with this job title. Applicants may be required to sign an informed consent form allowing the City to obtain their criminal history and/or verify their qualifications in connection with the position sought. Applicants who do not sign the informed consent form will not be further considered for the position. Union Representation This position is represented by a collective bargaining agreement between the City of Minneapolis and the
Minneapolis Professional Employees Association.
• Strong design, drawing, and presentation skills utilizing design software including AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, SketchUp, and/or other software packages are critical.
• Strong design, drawing, and presentation skills utilizing mapping software including ArcGIS is preferred.
• Working knowledge and/or proficiency in web publication software is preferred.
• Ability to work with minimal supervision and manage multiple deadlines.
• Ability to research, collect, compile and analyze data and present results clearly and effectively.
• Good analytical, critical thinking and time management skills.
• Good oral and written communication skills.
• Considerable knowledge of the history and theory of planning, urban design, architecture, and landscape architecture.
• Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices used in city planning, urban design, and cartography.
Additional preferences and considerations:
• Master's Degree preferred but not required.
• Certification by the American Institute of Certified Planners is preferred but not required.
• Certification in LEED professional credentials is preferred but not required.
• Meets the Secretary of the Interior Professional Qualifications in Architecture and/or History is preferred but not required.
• Experience working in an urban environment (where in-fill, redevelopment and urban form are issues) is preferred.
• Fluency in Spanish, Somali, and/or Hmong is highly desirable.
Supplemental Questions There are four required questions that must be answered and submitted with your application to complete the process. Supplemental Questions: Senior City Planner positions Background: Senior Planners in the Long Range Planning Division of CPED should be prepared to take on mid-level responsibilities on any of the Division's planning projects and activities. With that in mind, please prepare and submit responses to the questions below. Supplemental Materials for Submission In addition to submitting your responses to the Supplemental Questions, please submit the following:
• Cover letter
• Resume
• Work products: 3-5 representative examples of your work: Plans or planning documents, guidelines, staff reports, written documents, design documents, drawings, sketches, photographs, presentations, website, web publication, etc. – whatever you think will convey your abilities and talents to us. For each submission, please attach a short statement that lets us know whether it was a solo or group effort and the role you played in creating that piece of work or components within each piece of work.
250 South 4th Street Room #100 Minneapolis, MN 55415 (612) 673-2282
Position #2017-00063 SENIOR CITY PLANNER DF
SALARY: $59,940.00 - $82,514.00 Annually
JOB TYPE: Full-time
DEPARTMENT: Community Planning & Economic Development
LOCATION: Crown Roller Mill, 105 - 5th Avenue South, Minneapolis
CLOSING DATE: 03/06/17 11:59 PM
POSTING TYPE: Open to the public


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