The Arizona State Museum and Drachman Institute Heritage Conservation Program, both based at the University of Arizona, have posted five short videos on management of museum collections. They are based on curriculum that was presented to museum and heritage professionals from throughout Iraq at the Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage (IICAH) in Spring, 2014.  

The five videos are presented in English, Arabic, and Kurdish, with more languages to come. The recommended sequence is the Introduction, followed by Collections, Acquisitions, Labeling, Adhesives, and Photography.  

You can view the videos as many times as you wish, and post comments and suggestions with additional training ideas. We hope you will find them useful and appreciate your feedback.

Introduction English



ASM Collections Arabic

ASM Collections English

ASM Collections Kurdish

ASM Acquisition Arabic

ASM Acquisition English

ASM Acquisition Kurdish

ASM Labeling Arabic

ASM Labeling English

ASM Labeling Kurdish

ASM Adhesive Arabic

ASM Adhesive English

ASM Adhesive Kurdish

ASM Photography Arabic

ASM Photography English

ASM Photography Kurdish