The Master of Science in Architecture (MS.Arch) is a post-graduate degree devoted to applied research in the built environment. With a flexible curriculum of approximately three semesters, the degree currently has seven concentration areas: Design and Energy ConservationEmerging Building TechnologiesHealth and Built EnvironmentHeritage Conservation, Sustainable Market Transformation, Urban Design, and Independent Research Option. The first semester includes a common foundation in research methods, after which the curricula vary by specialization. Each concentration culminates in a master’s thesis, report, or project that presents the findings of an original research project

This program expands the breadth and depth of expertise of those who have already completed a post-graduate degree, or those students interested in pursuing a degree in architecture who have diverse backgrounds. The MS Architecture program provides opportunities for leadership, scholarship, entrepreneurship, and innovation across private, public, and academic arenas. The ability to conduct research on the built environment distinguishes our graduates from those who have professional degrees in architecture. Many students publish research findings or develop and execute funded research as part of their degree.

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M & MS.Arch Contact Information

Program Chair | MS.Arch-Sustainable Market Transformation | Assistant Professor
T: 520.626.0013

Nader Chalfoun
Program Chair | MS.Arch-Design and Energy Conservation | Professor
T: 520.621.6740

Program Chair | MS.Arch-Urban Design & Independent Option | Associate Professor
T: 646.896.9172

Aletheia Ida
Program Chair | MS.Arch-Emerging Building Technologies | Assistant Professor
T: 520.621.8130

Program Chair | MS.Arch-Health and Built Environment | Assistant Professor
T: 520.626.3811
Program Chair | MS.Arch-Heritage Conservation | Assistant Professor
T: 520.626.3407
Chris Trumble
Program Chair | M.Arch | Associate Professor
T: 520.621.6741
Emilio Romero
Recruitment Coordinator
T: 520.621.4231