The School's summer program in the Mediterranean comprises five weeks of study based in the city of Orvieto, Italy, a fascinating city occupied continuously since Etruscan times. Travel with the instructor to Tivoli, Siena, Assisi, Naples, Pompeii, Florence and Rome. Individual trips to Venice, Cinque Terre, and oher destinations are also possible over long weekends. Approximate cost is $4,500 and will lincude tuition, housing, Inassitalia health insurance, field trips, and the permit of stay required by the Italian government.


Architecture in the Mediterranean - ARC 481e/581e
In this course drawing, collage and watercolor are used to develop an understanding of architectural principles in the city and in buildings. The focus is on observation, description and analysis. This course fulfills the School of Architecture upper division design communications requirement.

Special Project in Architecture - ARC 497b/597b
This course employs the travel journal as a tool to investigate and record new cultural and architectural experiences. Students are challenged to integrate writing and images into a cohesive and meaningful document.

Director and Professor Mary Hardin began teaching in the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin in 1983, and also taught at Arizona State University before joining the University of Arizona faculty in 1997. She has led previous study abroad programs at Arizona State University, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe. She has been involved with the Mediterranean Summer Program since 2002.