The School of Landscape Architecture and Planning develops students with diverse backgrounds into leading practicing professionals who are prepared for the challenges that face society and the environment. Our college's location affords us access to the breadth of the University and the fabulous environment in which it sits. As the Land Grant University in Arizona, our collective school mission is in prefect alignment: to serve society.

As one of two academic units in our relatively small College we pride ourselves on the personal interactions and collegial environment that are here. You are not lost in a crowd in our School. Our facilities are extraordinary – bright airy studios, up-to-date computer facilities, a state-of-the art materials lab located in an award winning building. The Underwood Family Garden surrounding us won a 2010 American Society of Landscape Architects National Design Award. It was one of only seven in the United States to receive such an honor.

We are located in Tucson in the heart of the Sonoran Desert with its diverse plant and animal life and remarkable climate. And while we concentrate on practice in this place your education and how you practice is portable.

Come visit and learn about our award winning faculty doing cutting edge research, speak with our terrific students, and marvel at the University of Arizona campus.

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