In this fully online degree, students will explore the Sustainable Buildings Emphasis Area to gain insight on the theories and techniques behind analyzing building efficiency. 

The College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture is pleased to offer a degree opportunity for students interested in entering the new green economy. The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Built Environments is a solutions-based, interdisciplinary undergraduate degree that educates students in the comprehensive understanding of environmental design, planning, and management challenges. Graduates are prepared for challenges to be met in a rapidly developing world with global issues of an unprecedented nature. Students learn a comprehensive understanding of sustainability principles and are prepared with the skills to make our communities, buildings, and landscapes more sustainable.

Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Built Environments Curriculum (Sustainable Buildings Emphasis).

Graduates of our degree program have gained employment as designers in architecture firms, designers of renewable energy systems, managers within non-profit organizations, government agencies, and corporations offering sustainability-focused products or services, environmental researchers, or continued their education into a graduate degree program.

Students will study topics such as net-zero energy design, energy conservation, passive solar and natural ventilation, and climate response. Students will be able to analyze existing and planned structures for energy efficiency and create plans to make them more efficient.

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Please Note: Students enrolled in this program will need to transfer or obtain equivalent credit for university-level physics with a lab (4 units), chemistry with a lab (4 units), and biology with a lab (4 units) as they are not yet offered in our fully online format by the UA.

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For information on admissions to UA Online, please contact Sean Kramer, Student Academic Success Specialist, Sustainable Built Environments.

Sustainable Built Environments Contacts

Student Academic Success Specialist, Sustainable Built Environments
Planning Lecturer and Chair, Sustainable Built Environments