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Grand Canyon National Park , AZ

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Hermits Rest is one of the most significant iconic buildings constructed by the Fred Harvey Company for the Grand Canyon National Park. Designed in 1914 by pioneer woman architect Mary Jane Colter, Hermit's Rest is a one-story stone building tucked into a small man-made earthen mound, built around and on top of the building to blend the structure in with its setting. The overall appearance of the stonework makes it look like a natural rock formation with log beams extending toward the canyon to shelter the entrance porch. On the interior, a large stone alcove with an arched fireplace and accompanying decorative elements dominates the main room that now serves as the Park's gift shop for exclusive merchandise. The purpose of the project was to conduct a historic structure report combining archival research and fieldwork assessment to document the structure's physical & cultural history, periods(s) of significance, existing conditions, code compliance, and modifications over time. The historic structure report provides specific recommendations for preservation treatments and becomes the principal planning document for current and future programmatic use without compromising the building's architectural or historical integrity.



Location: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
Client: National Park Service
Project Type: Heritage Conservation
Project Source/Funding: National Park Service and Colorado Plateau/Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CP/CESU)
Drachman Institute Team:

Kim Barker, Co-Principal Investigator
R. Brooks Jeffery, Co-Principal Investigator
J. Chris Evans, Code Evaluation
Mark Turner, Structural Engineering Evaluation


Mike Lovato, Graduate Research

Drachman Institute Program: Heritage Conservation

Independent Research

Photos of Hermit's Rest, Grand Canyon National Park