Drachman Institute


"As the Tucson Metropolitan Area and Pima and Pinal Counties in Arizona continue to grow, they have the opportunity to develop in such a way that residents can reduce the environmental impacts of travel, while also reducing household transportation costs. This report provides information on the combined housing and transportation (H+T) costs in the region south of Maricopa County, including Pima and Pinal Counties, demonstrating that these two household expenses are closely linked. While housing developments spreading out from the urban core tend to be newer and larger, transportation infrastructure makes car ownership a necessity. In contrast, both housing and transportation costs are lower in the compact neighborhoods within the urban core. Housing in these neighborhoods is often smaller and older, but residents can more easily get to jobs, shopping and amenities by transit and walking."

date:  March 2009

location:  Pima and Pinal Counties, Arizona

client:  NA

project type:  Research

project source/funding:

  • Public/Private Partnership

Project Sponsors

  • The Gadsden Company
  • Tucson Association of Realtors
  • Pima Association of Governments
  • Arizona Department of Housing

Project Supporters:

  • Pima County
  • Pima County Department of Community Development and Neighborhood Conservation
  • City of Tucson Community Services Department
  • City of Tucson Department of Urban Planning & Design
  • City of Tucson Ward III Council Office
  • City of Tucson Industrial Development Authority

DI team:

  • Corky Poster, Director
  • Marilyn Robinson, Associate Director
  • Working with Scott Bernstein and the Center for Neighborhood Technology, Chicago

Drachman Institute Program:

  • COPC