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Ganado , AZ

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The Hubbell Trading Post is a functional and operating trading post that first opened in the 1870s on the Navajo Reservation.  Hubbell Trading Post is also a unit of the National Park Service, so designated in 1965.  Unlike other national historic sites, which have been established to preserve, protect and interpret places of national significance, Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site is also a historic place that provides for the operation of an ongoing commercial enterprise representative of businesses from a century ago.  This complicates the compilation of a Historic Furnishing Report that typically provides recommendations for historic furnishings for period structures in a static place and time.  In the case of Hubbell Trading Post the Plan provided more, with the addition of a discussion of the ongoing use of that space by a trading post business that must meet modern demands. 

Conserving an authentic trading post is much more difficult than simply furnishing a historic structure for a particular point in time.  The National Park Service is mandated to protect the physical environment, but also to maintain a cultural ambience. This charge includes considering everything from the historic structure, its furnishings, the store’s current grocery items, the staff interactions with visitors, and the sounds, aromas, light, and spaces in each room, to the way business is conducted on a daily basis through trade, purchase, sales and the display of merchandise. Most of these separate aspects have and will continue to change. This Historic Furnishings Report and Plan provides guidance for the amount of change that is acceptable within the mandate.

Date: July 2012
Location: Navajo Indian Reservation, Ganado, Arizona
Client: National Park Service
Project Type: Furnishings Report and Plan
Project Source/Funding: National Park Service, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Fund/National Trust for Historic Preservation, Western National Parks Association
Drachman Institute Team: Susan Bartlett
R. Brooks Jeffery
Drachman Institute Program: Heritage Conservation