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The general stabilization goals of NSP2 are to expand opportunities for homeownership, halt declining home values, and improve neighborhood conditions. In order to determine the effectiveness of NSP2 activities, Pima County contracted with Drachman Institute to: 1) Provide a record of existing conditions in sample neighborhoods from within the NSP2 target area (presented in Volumes I and II in this series of reports); 2) Develop survey instruments and train County interviewers in data collection skills to obtain baseline data from individual residents in the selected neighborhoods and from families that have moved into homes with NSP2 assistance (presented in Volume III in this series of reports); and 3) Provide a record of existing conditions in five commercial corridors in the NSP2 target area (Volume IV in this series of reports).

Date: 2011-2013
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Client: Pima County
Project Type: Research
Project Source/Funding: Pima County
Drachman Institute Team:

Marilyn Robinson, Project Director

Kelly Eitzen Smith, Project Coordinator

Laura Jensen

Mark Fleming

Bill Mackey, RA


Kayla Truss, Brian Underwood, David Corcoran, Erin Bes, Maria Bakali,

Jose Gonzalez, Alexandra Hines, Benjamin Rishel, Cesar Rodriguez, Laura Vargas

Drachman Institute Program: Community Outreach Partnership Center