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Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa , AZ


Attachments:         ADOH_Central & Camelback.pdf                    ADOH_Washington & 12th St.pdf

                              ADOH_Central & Osborn.pdf                          ADOH_Apache & McClintock.pdf

                              ADOH_Central & Thomas.pdf                         ADOH_Apache & Price.pdf

                              ADOH_Central & McDowell.pdf                      ADOH_Main & Sycamore.pdf

In 2011, Drachman Institute contracted with the Arizona Department of Housing (ADOH) to develop a public education project about sustainable communities and transit-oriented development along the Metro Light Rail in Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa, Arizona. The resulting reports present neighborhood analyses and transit-oriented development issues for eight light rail stations selected by the Arizona Department of Housing.

Date: July 2012
Location: Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa, Arizona
Client: Arizona Department of Housing
Project Type: Research
Project Source/Funding: Arizona Department of Housing
Drachman Institute Team:

Marilyn Robinson, Project Director

Kelly Eitzen Smith, Project Coordinator

Bill Mackey, RA, Project Architect


Kayla Truss, Architecture Student

Erin Besold, Planning Graduate Student

David Corcoran, Planning Graduate Student

Drachman Institute Program: Community Outreach Partnership Center

Photo of Valley Metro Light Rail