The Frank Mascia Computer Classroom
The Computer Classroom is equipped with 24 Intel Core 2 Quad powered machines and an instructor station with software such as AutoCad, Revit, Sketchup, Rhino 3d, ArcGIS, Adobe Creative Suite, among others.  The instructor station is connected to an overhead projector.



Room 204C has the undergraduate print facility, which includes plotters and color and monochrome laser printers.  

The 3rd floor studio space has similar equipment for graduate students.

The plotters are loaded with 36" wide bond paper with coated paper available when needed.  The laser printers are able to print to 11x17 and support duplexing.  Catcard self-payment is made possible by CatCash using the Flex Account.  

Go here to learn how to connect



Recommended hardware for incoming students can be found here.


File Server

CALA has a file server for storage of course and project materials.  Please select the connection instructions that pertain to your machine type.

Click Here for File Server Connecion Info for Windows
Click Here for File Server Connecion Info for Mac